Behavior does not lieTM

Activate your brand strategy with industry-leading behavioral insights

What Makes iMR Different?

At iMR, we connect businesses with answers to challenging questions that other insight providers cannot. Leveraging advances in behavioral science, we have pioneered a suite of innovative analytics tools to access both the conscious and unconscious processes of buyers and decisionmakers.

Deep Experience

With broad knowledge of life science and major consumer verticals, our team brings vast expertise from both the consulting and client side of the insights industry

Global Capabilities

With expertise gained from fielding studies in more than 20 countries, our methodologies are designed to capture localized nuances while avoiding cultural biases

Predictive Business Intelligence

With integration across data sources for a 360º perspective, our more accurate view of the business can guide your winning brand strategy

Not getting the answers you need to be successful?

Think different. Think better. Think iMR.

We have changed the marketing research paradigm to reflect the way consumers think and behave for unparalleled insights.

Our Approach

Integration of Data Sources

We are experts at integrating primary and secondary data sources for more accurate and actionable results

Simulated Decision Environments

Our approach uses exercises designed to mirror natural behavior, enhancing the accuracy of findings

Implicit and Explicit Drivers

Our research is grounded in Behavioral Economics principles, enabling deep insights into how and why customers make decisions

Research Backed by Science

Our methods have been stress-tested and proven to overcome the pitfalls of standard market research, providing a deeper and more precise understanding of your market.