Behavior does not lieTM

Better Market Research with Behavioral EconomicsTM

Understanding how and why customers make decisions in order to predict or change future behavior

What Makes iMR Different?

Our Approach

Big Data Analytics

We are experts at integrating real-world behavior into our research to enhance the accuracy and actionability

Gaming Exercises

Exercises designed to mirror natural behavior and tap into both the conscious and unconscious mind

Behavioral Economics Insights

Providing insights into real-world thought processes of physicians and patients

The only true quantitative behavioral economics approach in pharmaceutical market research

At iMR, we seek to uncover the unconscious processes that lead to true decision making

iMR by the Numbers

Since our founding in 2014, the work of iMR has spanned...

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Repeat Clients

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Simulated Patient Cases

Research Backed by Science

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Why Us?

Deep Experience

Extensive knowledge in all major therapeutic categories including oncology and rare diseases

Scientific Focus

Research methods based on advances in modern decision-making sciences

Unique Methods

Innovative tools to overcome pitfalls of traditional market research