Trade-off/Choice Analysis

  • Discrete choice analysis/Choice-based conjoint
  • Adaptive conjoint
  • Classical OLS conjoint
  • Self-explicated conjoint


  • Discrete choice analysis forecasts (with or without simulation of patient types)
  • Allocation based forecasts
  • Forecasting simulators
  • Modeling diffusion of innovation
  • Timing of adoption
  • Assessment of over-exuberance
  • Classification of MDs into adoption categories

Market and Prescribing Drivers

  • Best-Worst Scaling/Max Difference Conjoint
  • Adaptive Best-Worst Scaling/Max Difference Conjoint
  • Choice-based drivers of prescribing
  • Preference simulators
  • TURF analysis
  • Simultaneous modeling of the impact of product attributes and patient types on treatment decisions
  • iSearch Discovery ToolTM– tool for understanding the process, outcomes, and causes of health care decisions

Brand Positioning and Re-positioning

  • Drivers of preference analysis
  • Measurements of brand perceptions and loyalty
  • Brand metaphors
  • Perceptual mapping

Segmentation of Prescribers

  • Latent class analysis
  • Cluster and factor analysis
  • Integration of primary and secondary data

Patient Chart Audit

  • Choice-based analysis of prescribing drivers
  • Latent class analysis of patient types

Message Assessment

  • Simulation of journal ads in natural environment
  • Best-Worst Scaling of promotion message
  • TURF analysis
  • Conjoint based promotion message optimization
  • Message optimization simulator

Survey Design

  • Multitude of pre-designed complex survey questions
  • Quality control built into survey process (e.g., traps, checks, etc.)